Wednesday, September 8, 2010...9:00 am

Web traffic: what goes up must come down

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Readers may remember the run-in I had with the Clinique press office a little while ago, and the flood of visitors that were drawn here by a repost at US journalism college web site the Poynter Institute. It was very exciting – my readership spiked tenfold, and I had loads of comments.

So – I’m on the way to blogging stardom, right?

Not really. Here’s what happened to that:


I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s the “big post” effect described by US blogger John Scalzi – your traffic spikes and then settles right back down. With luck you retain a small proportion of the new visitors – and if you generate enough Big Posts, your site will grow steadily.

Doesn’t seem to have worked here, though. Could be because I have broken his rule number 1: “Updating daily matters in terms of readership”. Hey – it’s been a busy summer…




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