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Facebook vs Twitter user infographic

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In case anyone has missed it, here’s an interesting infographic from comparing the profiles of Facebook users versus Twitter users.

A couple of interesting points:

  • Twitter is a publishing platform
    Only 27% of Twitter users log in every day – but 52% update their status every day. That means those updates are coming remotely from feeds from other tools. Some will be using productivity tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck – but that’s often because they are using them to speed up push-type publishing. Otherwise, many Twitter users are feeding directly from blogs or other platforms.
  • Facebook is consumption media
    On the other hand, Facebook users are much more likely to log in every day (41%), but relatively few update their status every day (12%). That means they are often using it passively as consumption media – checking out what their friends are doing (or stalking people, whatever), without necessarily publishing themselves.

These statistics tend to reinforce my belief (rightly or wrongly) that Twitter is very much about interest groups talking to themselves (such as the media, or brand PR), while Facebook is the online entertainment platform of choice for its (mainly young) users.

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