Monday, January 31, 2011...1:06 pm

Freelancers: stay on Facebook all day and earn cash!

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Or: “Survey predicts in boom in freelance social media jobs”

Monday morning nonsense from the world of office surveys: says that social media is set to boom for UK businesses this year, and freelance workers will benefit:

  • 15% of businesses will look at creating specific roles e.g. ‘social media manager’ or ‘online reputation manager’
  • 65% of UK businesses would consider hiring freelancers for  social media roles

Well – “would consider hiring” is not the same thing as “will hire”. But weirdly, there may well be truth here. Bristol Editor is one journalist who has changed direction from traditional print media journalism to agency-based social media communications.

One point though: when you send out a press release about a survey, do try to include an actual link to it…

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