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The erotic face of professional magazines

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You wouldn’t see this produced by the British Medical Journal. From 1935 comes “The Digest” – “An Annual Magazine for circulation amongst Medical Graduates and Students.”
Doctors, eh? The tone is set by the ever-so modern lady on the front cover, whose state of slightly risqué déshabille can only be justified by her subtle indication of what must be an area of discomfort around her sternum (more anguished than languishing, perhaps, though you might be forgiven at first for mistaking her pose as one of erotic abandon).
Then, in among the worthy-and-dull articles on “The medical army in warfare” by Colonel F. T. Bowerbank and modernist medical poetry about post mortems, comes “The Man Midwife”, with its highly symbolic illustration of a naked woman embraced by a surgeon and the skeleton of death.
Tellingly, the journal is “published under the auspices of the Medical Students’ Association, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand” – this was back before New Zealand was a global backpacker destination, of course.
If only I had thought to use this approach during my time on Manufacturing Engineer magazine…


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