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Andrew Marr and Helen Mirren – the affair that never was…

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Discovered while idly Googling the latest tabloid media exposé – a Daily Mail profile of Dame Helen Mirren from a couple of years ago.

Not only does it feature the Mail’s trademark obsession with mature female celebrities in swimsuits, it also has an ironic Andrew Marr  super-injunction connection:

Despite being happily married, the veteran of stage and screen has admitted a liking for BBC presenter Andrew Marr.

Documentary maker and author, Marr can now add the title of unlikely ladies’ man after attracting  the lustful admiration of the spirited Mirren.

Asked with which man she would like to have a night of passion, Dame Helen named Andy.

She told Glamour magazine: ‘Aren’t those ears great?

‘I just wanted to grab them… He’s like some fabulous animal. And so incredibly smart.’

Mrs Marr, alias journalist Jackie Ashley, may have something to say about that, Helen.

Well, she might have given it the thumbs up, in the light of subsequent revelations.

I know the whole affair ended before the Mail story was published, or it would have been nice to speculate that Andrew Marr read this article and got some ideas.

Of course, you can’t help but wonder if the whole thing was known to the Mail writer by then anyway…

With luck, Freelance Unbound may have lifted itself out of the gutter by the time of the next post…

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  • You love it!
    Personally I can’t get through the day without my Mail Online fix. It’s guaranteed to raise the blood pressure in one way or another.

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