Thursday, April 28, 2011...4:25 pm

Sky recycles four-year-old press release for latest Royal Wedding story

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Sky seems to be desperate to run anything about the Royal Wedding at the moment – hence this slightly ungracious pop at the economics of the couple’s big day: Extra Bank Holiday to cost Britain billions.

As many retailers benefit from a Royal Wedding consumer spending spree, it is claimed the extra bank holiday will cost the wider UK economy billions of pounds.

Gosh. Who has done this piece of rapid, top-flight economic analysis? Ah, it seems to be the CBI. Oh wait, from four years ago.

Obviously that’s why Sky couldn’t use the SEO-dynamite headline they probably wanted: “Royal Wedding to cost economy £6billion” – even they knew they couldn’t spin a press release from four years ago about public holidays in general into a CBI story about the Royal Wedding in particular.

So glad we are maintaining professional journalistic standards.

[Spotted by Soilman]

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