Friday, April 29, 2011...4:19 pm

Need more traffic to your serious media blog? Try the gutter

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It seems the gutter is just the place to be to divert a load of bottom-feeding traffic from Google’s door to your high-minded publication.
Here are six of the top ten search strings to find Freelance Unbound yesterday:

  • andrew marr affair
  • andrew marr affair with
  • who did andrew marr have an affair with
  • who did andrew marr have affair with
  • andrew marr affair who
  • who did andrew marr affair with

In fact, any permutation of the words “Andrew”, “Marr”, “affair” and “who” would have propelled you to the front page of Google, where a host of eager scandal hunters were happy to click through to your inconsequential and tacky blog post.
But will they stick around for the serious debates on digital media, privacy, payment mechanisms and higher education? It’s doubtful frankly.
Watch out for much more lowbrow trash here in future…

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