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SEO Week: Where does Broadband Genie’s web traffic come from?

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In the second in a series of videos filmed last year at UCA Farnham, Chris Marling talks about where broadband comparison site Broadband Genie’s traffic was coming from last year. In a word? Google.
Traffic patterns

  • 70% of the site’s visits come from Google.
  • 10% direct
  • 3% from Google News
  • 3% Yahoo
  • 3% Bing

“We talk about search engine optimization, but what we really mean is Google optimisation. You have to get Google right.”

News stories

  • 50% from Google
  • 15% from Google News
  • 10% Direct traffic

So 25% is coming from elsewhere – social media: Twitter, Reddit, Digg, NewsNow. [Facebook wasn’t a key tool a year ago!]

“The traffic is coming from places you can get to very easily and disseminate information through with a tiny bit of effort. It’s really worth doing.”

If you’re creating a niche editorial site, you need to keep on top of communications technology. As soon as a new one appears – be it Facebook or Reddit – work out whether it will be worth using.
The beauty of all these technologies is they are free. All you have to pay for is your web space and your journalists – you’re not having to pay to disseminate information.
The key is to write good content that will draw in visitors to your site so you can monetise them.

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