Monday, December 5, 2011...11:01 pm

Idiotic spam email of the week

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Just arrived in the Freelance Unbound inbox – an almost irresistible offer from “Whitney Meyer” for inserting spam links into this very blog.

Dear Freelance Unbound,

I just got done reading your “Bribery and corruption? Sadly, I think you have the wrong blog…” and I found it really interesting! Do you do advertising? I’m marketing out a few sites and can pay you $50 via PayPal to add a text link into one of your older posts. The link would go to an education site and I’d make sure the link relates to your post’s content.

Thanks and let me know if we can work something out!

Whitney Meyer

Of all the posts you could have chosen, Whitney, that one is the single most inappropriate. It almost makes me think you are being ironic in a kind-of post-modern meejah way.


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