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Podcasting week #5: working with video

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In the fifth of a series of podcasting guides, former Granta editorial director and freelance multimedia content producer George Miller discusses working with video and how this differs from audio podcasting. 

Key tip: Video is more of a performance – and people are aware of this. They become more self-conscious, so part of the challenge is managing this.

5. Comparing audio and video workflow


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Do the audio interview first
If you are doing both audio and video, do the audio interview first – it helps the interviewee relax, and it can give you useful insights for topics and questions to pick out for a video segment.

Brief the interviewee
Suggest topics you want to cover and how long the segments should be. Video has a more soundbite formula than audio interviews, and they should be aware of this.

Aim for a clean take
With audio you can patch together a finished version by editing out fluffs and errors. This is often not possible with video, so you often have to get your interviewee to repeat their point to get a usable take.

Know when to stop
Don’t keep flogging a dead horse. If an interviewee has a mental block and can’t get the take right,  move on to something else.

Sound is more important than image in video
Even if you use an iPhone or low-end camera, record separately using a decent clip-on microphone and recorder. You can synch the audio and video up using DualEyes.

Embrace mobile technology – with caution
The new iPhone offers great possibilities for spontaneous video material – but beware: clients expect high-quality output. If you turn up and you are charging money, you can’t turn up with your iPhone. It’s an obvious invitation to the client to say “I can do that”… 

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