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Podcasting week #6: So – how long will all this take?

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In the sixth of a series of podcasting guides, former Granta editorial director and freelance multimedia content producer George Miller discusses how long you should allow for an example podcasting project. 

5. Workflow timings


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Based on a podcast for the book The Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England, the project took half a day’s research. Dipping into the book, checking the index and reading the introduction carefully and choosing sections that would work well.

A 90-minute interview session yielded 40 minutes of audio, including a 5-minute reading from the book, and 15 minutes of video.

Allow a day for editing – half a day on the audio, half a day on the video. This is quite quick – bear in mind that it will take 40 minutes just to listen to the audio all the way through. Going back and revising it several times eats  up quite a bit of time. The video is made up of several different segments to be edited and shuffled, and you may need to allow time to source extra visuals for the final project.

Extra visuals
For non-fiction projects, you might drop in historical images to add extra information and interest to the video – such as castles, or mediaeval torture instruments (though, clearly, these particular examples will be suitable for a minority of projects). 

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