Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

SEO Week: “Be clever, sneaky and cheat” to beat the opposition

When it comes to news, there are so many sources – the BBC, national news web sites, and stories from all around the world. How do you compete when you’re doing the same story? That’s what SEO – search engine optimisation – is all about. It also helps to be a bit sneaky… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkbqEqohavg Keywords […]

Friday, July 1st, 2011

SEO Week: How to get top ranking on Google

In the fourth of a series of videos on SEO and content strategy, Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling talks to UCA journalism students about how the broadband comparison site pushed a news story to the top of Google’s search results, and used a well-tagged image to draw 1,500 visitors to the site in one month. […]

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

SEO Week: how Broadband Genie beats richer companies using unpaid search

Companies like Broadband Genie live or die by visitor clickthrough – the site needs to be found and visited all the time to make its money. In the third in a series of videos filmed last year at UCA Farnham, editor Chris Marling talks about the tricks he uses to beat big Google advertisers and win […]

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Election 2010: the Google Swingometer

One perennial feature of British elections is the amusing consumer barometer of political affiliation. This year we’ve had the Radio Times variant Dalek cover – in red, yellow or blue – and a potato crisp sampling campaign by Real Crisps, which seems to find that Clegg Crisps are way out in the lead with a […]

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Google Sidewiki – an experiment

Anyone using the very much under-the-radar Sidewiki toolbar gizmo from Google to add browser-located comments to web sites will now be able to see an entry for Freelance Unbound on the left of the screen next to the home page. I’ve only just come across Sidewiki myself – I caught a reference to it in […]