Thursday, May 19, 2011...9:00 am

Newspaper web sites! Why have one clickthrough when 10 will do?

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Spotted on the Telegraph web site – an increasingly desperate attempt to get users to click on more pages.

Is there any particular reason to turn a simple statistics-backed list items – “Top 10 jobs graduates want” – into a picture story? especially a picture story that requires you to click 10 times to get to the end of it?

You can imagine the sales pitch at the web analytics conference with senior management – “It’ll be engagement metric nirvana! We’ll get 10 clicks for the price of one!”

I can’t really see this ever having been a picture story in the hallowed old days of print. Is this the best that newspapers can do to drive their online traffic? And I love that classy classified jobs ad link at the bottom…

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  • I never thought that graduates looked forward to have a career in teaching. But I think it is interesting for people to be interested on charity jobs. I guess only social work graduates could only be eligible to apply this kind of job.

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