Thursday, July 14, 2011...5:28 pm

That “racy police blog” – where, exactly, is it online?

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Racy Hong Kong police blog photosThere’s been a mini media storm over the Hong Kong policewoman whose “racy” pictures of her colleagues pointing guns at each other and larking about, student ball-style, in a Kowloon cop-shop were splashed over the Hong Kong press, and then everywhere else.

But have a look at the coverage – like here, on the BBC – and you’ll notice a telling omission: the URL of the blog that is supposed to have started all this. 

Without the source, this is just hearsay – the media reporting on what other media are saying, based on no real evidence except some unattributed photos on a Chinese web site. Could this just be a media hoax? 


  • Yup, I definitely smell horseshit. This has all the elements a churnalism newsdesk can’t resist – misbehaviour by ‘officials’, pretty girls, risqué pix. A shoe-in for the ‘not serious section’, and I’ll bet it’s total fantasy. Perhaps even a plant by somebody waiting to show the world how useless/short-staffed/gullible the western press has become.

  • Wonderful shots! The photographer deserves a gong. Doesn’t anyone actually think about the quality any longer?

  • I think I’ve seen these photos before — promo shots from the West Meets East Stripogram Agency.

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