Friday, June 22, 2012...10:10 pm

Friday infographic: Inside the mind of a freelancer

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Most “infographics” I see are barely worth the name – pointless drivel dressed up with irrelevant visuals. But this is better, and also achingly relevant to this blog. Via the ever lovely Mashable comes “Inside the mind of a freelancer” – a graphic tart-up of some 2012 salary survey results.

Of note: freelancers are happier than wage slaves (not that we aren’t slaves too, you understand), and the longer you freelance, the less you want a full-time job. Mind you, the longer you work in a full-time job the less you want a full-time job. Whatever.

Interestingly, the survey respondents are mostly Gen X women – so I suspect that their freelance gig maybe started to fit in with childcare and then carried on. Based on no evidence at all, of course.

Also, the survey makes no mention of the real difference between freelancers and salarymen – employment benefits such as sick pay, pension contributions and paid holiday. Which is what really keeps me up at night…

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